Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Long Time

Hello all,

I know it's been a long time since posting. My sister has dropped some "hints" that it's time to update. So here goes it.

War kicked off in Aza (Gaza). Elections started. Don't know who won yet. I think it's between Benyamin Netanyahu and Tzipi Livni. Check Yahoo! as you open your emails. Lots of prayers for geshom (rain). We are in a major drought. R'Noah Weinberg passed away last week.

As for me, since I do Western Wall Prayers I have to be in Yerushalyim for 40 days straight. I can go places during the week but I just have to be able to get to the Kotel sometime during each day. This poses a problem for Shabbat. I can't go out of town because there's no way back to do the prayers because using automobiles is prohibited on Shabbat. So when it was over I took off. I've been to Or Aqiba which is near Netanya (I think) to visit my friends Tal and Moran. I went to B'nei Barak near Tel Aviv. It was like I was at the beach. It was amazingly warm and there were palm trees there. Wonderful religious town there. The following Shabbat I went to Bayit Vagan to stay with a rabbi from yeshiva. Had fun there. He has a really nice family and hilarious children. That following Shabbat I stayed in the Old City and kept Shabbat with some friends at the Sephardi yeshiva. Had a great time. To wind down my travels I went to Har Nof to stay with my friend Dan and the guys at Machon Shlomo yeshiva. I had a blast there. Once again the weather was very nice. I ate by the Posens on Friday night and then went to some really nice families for second and third meal.

Third meal in Har Nof was especially nice for me. We went to Mr. Amar's for seudat shlishi. He has 14 children and he is very happy. It was amazing to see. We davened arvit and then went back to his place for havdala (the end of Shabbat to seperate the holy from the mundane). We sang some songs and ate some more. Dan and I had a great time.

Just this past week friends from Atlanta came to celebrate a wedding (for which I have no pictures for)and a bar mitzvah. I'm close with the family so it was special to be there for their celebrations.

Well...ebidi, ebidi, ebidi...that's all folks.

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